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U Watch U20 Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Touch Screen Heart Rate Wristwatch Bluetooth Headphones

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U Watch U20 Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Touch Screen Heart Rate Wristwatch Bluetooth Headphones For IOS And Android

U Watch U20 Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch is support for IOS and Android system,users can synchronize data,automatically with ios8.0+, such as iphone 5 and above,android 4.0+. Beyond Traditional, it is a perfect combination of smart bracelet and Bluetooth headset. If you want to know more about it,go with me,description page will give you more surprises!


Product name: U20

Bluetooth: 4.0

Charge time: Above 2 hours

Color: Gold, Black

Dimensions: 49x22X12mm

Screen Type: Touch screen

Screen Size: LCM 0.66'

Screen Resolution: 64*48

Screen Material: TFT

Touch Module: Single-point

Battery: Polymer Li-ion  battery

Battery capacity: 3.7V/200mAh

Support System: IOS( iphone 5 above and IOS8.0+), Android(Android 4.0+)

Language: Support for all over the world(watch itself without language, it is the icon display,very easy to use)


Pedometer: The watch should be installed USMART APP and bound successfully to sync data to the phone.

Heartrate monitor: Wear the watch on wrist, neither too tight to affect blood circulation, nor too loose to make sure the heartrate lens of the watch completely attach to skin, 

and avoid the lens and around skin with external light irradiation, otherwise the tested data maybe abnormal and inaccurate.

After wearing the watch, click “Key 3” to start, and it will show the heartrate data after about 10s.

(The watch should be installed USMART APP and bound successfully to sync data to the phone).

Sleep Monitor: Sleep quality display as: Bad for one star, normal for two star, good for three star

(The watch should be installed USMART APP and bound successfully to sync data to the phone).

Sedentary remind: it will vibrate when the time arrives.

Find Phone: The function can be used  When paired and bound device in the USMART APP.

Remote camera: Control the phone camera for photograph. Click“key 3” to capture and “key 4(as image 3)”to switch the rear and front camera.

(The function can be used  When paired and bound device in the USMART APP. Iphone mobile must open the camera interface before using this function)

BT Music: Go to BT music functions When Phone paired with watch, the watch remote control phone to play music.

How to charge:

When charging the watch, pls attaches the four pogo pin to four metal contacts of the watch, and connect the USB with adapter, 

it needs about 2 hours for charge completely.

Instructions download link:


How to download the APP:

Scan QR code in the instructions,iphone user can go to the app store to download.


Battery of the product is non-removable. Due to losses of the product itself, 

starting of it may fail due to electricity shortage of the battery after more than one month of idling. Please charge it by yourself.

Package included:

1 x Watch

1 x Cable

3 x Earplug(small,middle,big)

1 x Magnetic charger


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